Store Policies and Disclaimer

Workshop turn around times:

SIMPLE REPAIRS: 1-2 WEEKS  (resizes, simple chain solders and gluing ETC)

COMPLEX REPAIRS: 3+ WEEKS (retipping, threading etc)

MAKES/REMAKES:  4-8 WEEKS from time of accepting quote and deposit paid. Scheduled date will only be confirmed on payment of deposit.


These times are approximate only and are based on an average.  We endeavour to have your job finished in a timely manner but situations arise where we are unable to complete a job in the designated time frame.  We are only human.

EXPRESS JOB FEE:  For some jobs we are able to offer an express service for an ADDITIONAL FEE.

QUOTING:  Due to variations in the $AUD, our quotes are valid FOUR weeks from the time of quoting only.  We will text or email details through.

We reserve the right to requote on repairs and orders in the event that unforseen issues arise.  We will endeavour to notify customers of any changes to quoting before completion of job.

DEPOSITS:  A minimum deposit of 30% is required on makes and special orders.

Deposits on makes and special orders are non-refundable.

Once a design has been agreed upon we are not obliged to remake the piece if the customer has a change of mind after completion.  Minor changes during the manufacturing process will be accommodated within reason.  Significant alterations to the original quoted design will require requoting or additional charges.

Collection of goods:  PAYMENT IN FULL is required at the time of collection.  Long term layby can be arranged by prior agreement.

Lay By Terms:

Minimum deposit of 30% is required and payments should be made on a regular basis.

Long term layby is available by agreement.

WARRANTIES:  We offer limited warranties on all our work.

Custom Makes - 5 years

Repairs - 12 months

Rethreading - 3 months

Watch Repairs - 12 months

Retail Stock – 12 months

Antique/Estate Stock- No warranty


Warranty covers manufacturing faults only.  Please refer to stone and metal policies below for more detail.

Melting of customer metals:  When recycling customer metals we are unable to guarantee the quality of the metal after the melting process and are therefore not covered under warranty. Eg: small blemishes and cracks.

In the instance that we quote to use customer metal in a job and there is not enough provided, we will offer to add extra at a reduced cost, if the customer is unable to supply additional metal.  This is sometimes not obvious until the work has commenced.  If there is more than required we will return the unused portion OR a trade in can be agreed upon.

Stones:  Certain stones cannot be covered under warranty e.g. opal and emerald.

In the event that a customer stone is damaged during work undertaken and the cause was due to our negligence or the damage could have been avoided then we will replace it at no charge to the customer (we will contact you immediately in this circumstance).

However, if breakage or damage occurs on a customer stone that could not have been avoided by us than the customer is liable. We will endeavour to point out possible issues/flaws in customer stones prior to commencement of job.  However, in some circumstances flaws/cracks can go undetected during our initial inspection and only become apparent once work has begun, especially old and Estate stones.


A free resize is offered on items made in store UP TO 6 WEEKS after collection.

Free resizing of rings purchased in store (over $500 value) for the first two sizes, standard extra sizing fees apply thereafter.

Discounted resizing is offered for rings ON SALE and SECONDHAND and items under $500.

A free resize will be offered Free of Charge in the event that we resize incorrectly.

Second Hand Purchasing:

Second hand purchases over $200 total value will be paid via EFT.  If no cash on premises EFT will be offered OR collection next day for cash.

We are legally obliged to hold items for 7 days from date of purchase before offering them for resale or scrapping.

Under Tasmanian Law we are required to take a record of photo ID from the seller.

Gift Vouchers/Store Credit:

Gift Vouchers and Store Credit have an expiry of 1 year after the date of issue.

An extension can be negotiated prior to the expiry date.

We value the relationship with our customers and strive to offer them the best products and service.