You are unique and individual…

and your jewellery should reflect that. At Jai Hay Jeweller, we do not just sell jewellery, we create treasures to be cherished and loved for generations. Jai Hay Jeweller specialises in working with you to design and craft jewellery that truly represents your style and personality.

Why settle for what everyone else is wearing when you can be wearing that bespoke, one of a kind piece that catches the eye and draws compliments… Jewellery that is as unique and individual as you are.

But… isn’t that expensive?

It may surprise you that at Jai Hay Jeweller, we can work with you to custom design and make a one of a kind, treasured piece, usually for around the same cost, or sometimes even cheaper than a comparable off the shelf item from most jewellery stores.

Imagine presenting her with that engagement ring that has come straight from your heart and soul. Imagine exchanging those wedding rings that mean so much more than a couple of generic bands. Come in and speak personally to the jeweller, and let’s get to work on your masterpiece

Why choose custom made jewellery from Jai Hay Jeweller?

  • – Unique and individual   Truly express yourself and wear something that is personal and meaningful
  • – Precious   A custom designed and crafted piece of jewellery is a piece of art, not just a piece of jewellery
  • – Cost effective   Comparable cost to an off the shelf piece… but so much more meaning
  • – Quality   Expertly crafted and fine workmanship will mean that your treasure will last the test of time